Why your Purple Cow doesn't Moo

When companies view branding as a phenomena created by advertising, public relations and pre-sale marketing their tends to be a disconnect which destroys the company's brand.

I ran across a good illustration of this point on another blog that I wanted to share with you. One of my favorite quotes from this article is: " ... if you, and those that work for you that face the customer, can?t provide the base level of service that has the customer?s best interests in mind? The Purple Cow will NEVER moo!"

Another thing to learn from this illustration: The ability of disgruntled clients to broadcast their negative experiences with your company has increased exponentially due to the internet. The Intuit company last year, first refused to send me a promised rebate due to a missing item inside the packaging of the software that I had purchased from CompUSA and then when I returned the software for a full refund, they sent me an expiring check which had the amount of the rebate deducted from it even though they had refused to send the rebate - and the check expired without my being able to resolve the problem primarily due to long telephone hold times at Intuit. As far as I am concerned, Intuit's "purple cow" will not moo!


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