Web Graphic Optimization

Wasted Download Time Is Wasted Money

Website visitors have a very very short attention span while waiting and waiting and waiting for all the graphics on your page to download.

No matter how beautiful your picture is, no matter how much detail it contains, a web browser is limited in what it can display. In the demonstration below, the picture on the left has approximately 30 times as much clarity and detail as the picture on the right - but inside your web browser, you can barely see any difference between the two.

An Illustration

Imagine having a pipe that can only transfer water at the rate of one gallon every second. If you have sixty gallons of water to transfer it will take an entire minute to transfer your water.

Now imagine that after you transferred all that water you went to the bucket at the other end of the pipe and discovered that it could only hold 5 gallons of water! You've just wasted 55 seconds waiting for 60 gallons of water to be transferred, when all that you needed to transfer was 5 gallons of water!

This illustration describes in a very simplified way what Web Graphic Optimization is all about.

A Demonstration

Now, let's try a demonstration. Both of the pictures in this demonstration show the same scene.

Wait until the picture that you chose first has completely finished loading before clicking on the other picture. If you click on the other picture before the first one finishes loading, you will not be able to evaluate the differences in the speeds of the downloads.

Lobelia Cardenalis

Photo Credit:
James Shewmaker;
All Rights Reserved