Retaining Traffic


Sending out a newsletter by email, once a week, is a great way to get repeat traffic. But there are pitfalls, such as being accused of SPAM, which make it difficult to get your newsletter working, properly.

First, you have to deal with pranksters. Pranksters are people who use somebody else's e-mail address to sign-up for your promotional items.

Second, you have to deal with subscribers who decide that they want to unsubscribe.

Third, you have to be concerned that the design of your newsletter is congruent with your visual brand and with your website.

Qwerty will design your newsletters template and will help you get set up with a service that both mails your newsletter and maintains your subscriber base including verification of e-mail addresses and unsubscribing those who wish to quit receiving the newsletter.

Other services will help you to re-purpose your subscriber list.


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