Retaining Traffic

Immediate Response

It's the middle of the night on Friday and someone just downloaded a promotional document from your website. You are not going to be in the office until Tuesday, because you have an out-of-state appointment on Monday.

Not to Worry! Qwerty helped you develop an auto-response system that not only sent a marketing message, one hour after the document was downloaded, it will also be sending another letter on Monday while you are out of town. Oh, and it will also be sending a second follow-up on Thursday as well. So, you can get back to this prospect at your convenience without losing the lead's interest.

It will also be sending a third followup letter, a week from Wednesday and a fourth follow-up the week after that. You're covered.

And the prospect will also be receiving the e-newsletter which Qwerty designed for you.


Photo Credit:
James Shewmaker;
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